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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. This means that we store your data safely and ensure that they are well-protected. We also inform you what we do with your data when we use them respectfully to be able to be of better service to you.

Our departure point is that everyone controls his or her personal data and that everyone has the right not to share or to no longer share them with us. This Privacy Statement sets out which of your personal data we can collect, how we use such data and with whom we may possibly share them. We explain what we do to protect your privacy, how you have a say in the matter and what control actions are performed regarding compliance with this statement.

This Privacy Statement applies to the collection, management, use and sharing of your data with Didak Injection N.V. This Privacy Statement must be viewed together with our terms and conditions of use and our cookie policy. We can adjust our Privacy Statement at any point in time and make the most recent version available on our website. This Privacy Statement was checked and last adjusted on 16 May 2018.

Our contact details
Didak Injection N.V., Industrieweg 1 in Grobbendonk (Belgium)
BE 0428.125.831
Email: Info@Didak.be
Telephone: +32 (0)14 507960

Our Data Protection Officer’s contact details
Luc Wuestenbergs
HRM & Purchase
Email: Luc.Wuestenbergs@Didak.be
Telephone: 014/50.79.63

When does this statement apply?

This Privacy Statement applies when you visit our website(s) or contact our sales and promotions employees. By visiting our websites or contacting our sales and promotions employees, you give us permission to collect and use personal data as is outlined in this Privacy Statement.

What data do we collect?

We collect your data to be able to provide our services, improve our activities, promotions or products and services you have purchased and to inform you about them. You give a number of such data directly to us – for example, by way of forms on our website, through your business card, when you place orders or in your email communication with us.

We distinguish different types of personal data. They enable us to present and offer our products and services:

  • User data: this enables us to identify and contact you. For example: your name, address, telephone numbers, language preference, gender, email addresses, participation in our actions and use of our websites;
  • Traffic data: we need these technical data such as your IP address to enable our electronic communication to operate smoothly;
  • Sensitive data: we do not process any sensitive data.

Why do we collect such data?

We process personal data for various reasons, whereby we always only process the data that are necessary to achieve our objective. With your permission and to the extent necessary, we collect personal data for the following practical objectives:

  • To deal with your requests about our products and services.
    We need your address details when you visit our websites or contact our sales and promotions employees to gather or request information about our products and services or when your login for our newsletter, for example. We then use all the information about you that we receive to provide you with the requested information in the way you indicate.
  • To provide you with the best service
    We keep a record of your data to improve our customer service. We need such data if we want to correctly set up, maintain and support our products and services. In this way, we can also contact you for the next step in our collaboration or to request you for feedback on our services. We must be able to notify you of any technical problems or disruptions on our part.
  • To inform you about our products, services and activities
    We can use your data to inform you of current and new products, services, special actions, workshops, events, webinars, training courses, vacancies, etc., to perform direct marketing or to draw up a profile of you so that we can inform you of matters that we think will interest you. We can do that in writing, electronically or by telephone. We also use your data for the newsletters to which you subscribe. You will only receive email correspondence if you have given your explicit consent for this, in so far as this is required. We can also analyse your surfing and reading behaviour and draw up content for our websites or newsletters that suits your requirements. This is done by registering your visits and by the activities that take place during those visits. Examples of this are the pages viewed or the links clicked. In this way, we can also provide you with easier access to the information you are looking for.

Who manages your data?

Didak Injection N.V. manages all personal data. At Didak Injection N.V., the data are only accessible to persons who need to access them within the scope of their position.

We engage external processors. This means, for example, that we temporarily transmit data to third parties for certain tasks if we do not personally have the means to perform them. If we do that, we will always ensure that your data are treated confidentially and used safely. We always lay this down contractually with the processors. For example, a processor will never be allowed to use your data at his, her or their own initiative and your data must be erased from the moment that the processor has completed his, her or their task.

We can transmit your personal data to any legal successors we may have and to affiliated companies such as subsidiaries and associate companies, for the same objectives as those stated in this Privacy Statement. We collaborate with third parties or engage subcontractors for some aspects of our products and services. Your data are transmitted only for the same objectives as those at Didak Injection N.V. We ensure that they manage your data safely and respectfully in the same way that we do.

In some cases, we use anonymous, aggregated data for commercial purposes or for external reporting. Such data can never be traced back to a particular individual.

At no point in time whatsoever do we sell or rent out your data to companies or persons that do not form part of our company or our group. We regard your data as confidential information.

If we give personal data to third parties in any other way, this is done by explicit communication in which an explanation is given about the third party and the objectives of the transmission and processing. Where required by law, we request your explicit consent. You always have the possibility to object.

How do we secure your data?

We protect your personal data and privacy to the maximum extent possible. Our employees are trained to work correctly with our confidential data. We also employ specialised people who assume responsibility for the security of our IT infrastructure. Moreover, we use all types of technical measures to protect your personal data. If a data breach occurs that has detrimental consequences for your personal data, you will be personally notified subject to the conditions provided by the law.

Our websites sometimes mention links to third-party websites for which the terms and conditions of use do not fall within the scope of this Privacy Statement. Please read their policy regarding your personal data protection very carefully.

Accessing or rectifying data or having them erased?

You have the right to access your data. You can ask us whether we process your personal data, why we process them, what categories of data we process, with which categories of third parties we process them, what the origin is of the processed personal data and what logic we use if we automatically process certain personal data.

You can exercise your access in writing by sending a letter to Didak Injection N.V., Industrieweg 1 in 2280 Grobbendonk or an email to Luc.Wuestenbergs@Didak.be. We have 30 days to answer your request. Such a period starts running when we have received your request in writing and have all the required information to fulfil your request in hand.

For the purposes of exercising your right of access and to prevent any unauthorised disclosure of your personal data, we may request proof of your identity. In that regard, we will not ask you for a copy of your identity card.

You also have the right to have incomplete, incorrect, inappropriate or outdated personal data removed or changed. If you want to do so, you can always contact us by email or by post. Where necessary, we will then adjust such information within the deadlines laid down by law. Consider that, depending on your request, we will sometimes no longer be able to provide some services. Likewise, it is not always possible to erase all requested data, for example, because we are obliged by law to keep data for a certain period. For the purposes of keeping your data up to date, we request that you notify us of any change.

No direct marketing?

You always have the right to object to the use of your personal data for direct marketing purposes without giving any reasons. You can always contact us by email or post to do so.

How long do we store your personal data?

We ensure that there are appropriate organisational and technical measures to secure personal data. We may not store personal data longer than is necessary to achieve the objective for which we collect them. Therefore, the storage time may differ per objective and may sometimes be very short. The personal data are fully anonymised or deleted after the applicable storage times have expired. We process user data for a maximum of ten years following the last operational contact with you, and the period for Traffic Data is a maximum of one-and-a-half years.

Have any questions?

Do you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or do you want to contact us to change your data? If so, we are always prepared to provide you with an appropriate answer. You can contact us by email, letter or by telephone via the contact details below. You can also file a complaint in this way, which we will deal with correctly as soon as possible. If you are not satisfied with our response, you can also call upon the government, more specifically, the Data Protection Authority. The contact details are on its website [https://www.privacycommission.be].

Our contact details:
Didak Injection N.V. – Industrieweg 1 in 2280 Grobbendonk (Belgium)
Luc Wuestenbergs, HRM & Purchase
32 (0)14 507960