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Making and maintaining the moulds

Quality moulds are essential to custom moulding.
In order to take everything off our customers’ hands, we also offer a total service for the moulds. This service includes the construction of the mould, as well as repairs, revisions and even optimisations.

Building the mould

We have the required know-how to design new, ingenious moulds, to produce them or outsource their manufacturing.

Didak Injection has an in-house mould department able to provide direct support in case of unforeseen production interruptions. In addition, thanks to preventive maintenance the life span of the mould will be significantly extended.

In the past decades, we have developed close cooperation with carefully selected mould makers.

Revisions and maintenance at our own workshop

All mould repairs and revisions take place at our own workshop. This avoids lengthy production interruptions and gives us the chance to comply with the promised deliveries of the agreed production quantities.

Do you want to use our services for making or maintaining your moulds?

Rely on our all-in-one custom moulding service and count on our expertise from the design phase to producing your end-product

  • +30 years experience
  • Up to 50% stackable
  • 100% customisable work
  • Smart-system for maximum efficiency

Choose one of our existing solutions or
request your custom-made design.

(Minimum order: 500 crates.)