From design to product

Much more than a producer

Our service is more than just custom plastic injection moulding. As a specialist in plastic injection moulding, we think with you right from the concept phase. This is how our industrial customer takes maximum advantage of our know-how about custom moulding. In close cooperation, we go through the design and development process together, from your first concepts into a design ready for production.

Experience in a variety of industries

Over the past decades, we have built huge expertise in a large number of business sectors. We have developed specialised products for the food industry (meat, fish, perishables …), the construction sector, the automotive industry, the logistics sector …

Every business sector has its own product specifications, hygiene standards and legal requirements, which also has a direct impact on the plastics to be used or the recommended production technique. We have a whole lot of know-how about traceability, food safety and migration.

From first concept to a design ready for production

You may possibly already have a first concept towards a solution for a specific technical challenge within your field.

At that point lots of choices are still on the table:

  • Maximum functionality.
  • Optimal quality.
  • The most efficient production technique, either or not including any special techniques.
  • A correct price/quality ratio.

We will assist you every step of the way, up to the manufacturing of prototypes and the making of the actual moulds to be used for plastic injection moulding.

Are you already further ahead with the product development and do you have a technical design ready? With our expertise in plastic injection moulding, we may see potential product improvements.

Do you want to use our services for a design and development process?

Rely on our all-in-one custom moulding service and count on our expertise from the design phase to producing your end-product

  • +30 years experience
  • Up to 50% stackable
  • 100% customisable work
  • Smart-system for maximum efficiency

Choose one of our existing solutions or
request your custom-made design.

(Minimum order: 500 crates.)