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Custom plastic injection moulding

Rely on our total custom moulding service. Count on our expertise from the design phase to producing the end product.  We guarantee 100% customised work, both for the design and the production process. We also offer a total service for making and maintenance of moulds. Our versatile and strongly automated machinery allows injection moulding of very small objects up to larger plastic components. With different special techniques – including insert moulding and multi-component injection moulding – we guarantee extra added value for your product.

  • 100% customised work
  • Full service from design to production.
  • Mould maintenance services
  • Versatile and strongly automated machinery
  • Special techniques such as insert moulding and multi-component injection moulding

From design to product

We translate your concept to a fully elaborated technical design, ready for production by custom moulding. Based on our years of experience we aim for the best price/quality ratio for your product in view of providing an optimal quality.

Production and maintenance of the moulds

We ensure that the right mould is made, fully adapted to the quality of the expected product and production volume. For the maintenance of your mould and possible repairs, we have our own service department. This will make sure that production interruptions are limited to an absolute minimum.


By means of the plastic injection moulding technique, we produce all kinds of objects with a large variety of plastics. You can also rely on our expertise for the selection of the right plastic, at the best prices.

Special techniques

Thanks to a wide array of special techniques – including multi-component injection, insert moulding, in-mould labelling – we guarantee extra added value for your product.