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Your experienced expert in plastic injection moulding

Since the 1960s, Didak Injection has been dedicated to the production technique of plastic injection moulding.

We are the absolute pioneer and market leader in this field in the Benelux. Our decades of experience and highly automated and diversified machinery form the perfect combination for high-quality end products.

We are a financially sound and independent injection moulder that significantly invests in the latest technologies for its machinery. We also provide continuous training on the latest techniques for our employees.

Relationship of trust with our customers

Our assignments come from home and abroad. We work for large international companies as well as SMEs. We aim for a relationship of trust and long-term cooperation with every customer.

You can find our products in a wide range of business sectors, including:

  • Food sector
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical sector
  • Horticulture
  • Construction sector
  • Automotive sector
  • Manufacture of household appliances
  • Etc

First class communication

Without a doubt, the secret to our success is based both on our ability to offer our customers swift communication, round the clock assistance in all matters, and regular high standards of manufacturing. With a production that never sleeps, 130 employees and a five-shift system we produce 7 days a week, offering our clients a first-class service.

Looking for a supplier that
cares for the planet? We do.

Why do we love renewable energy?

Renewable energy is central to our sustainability strategy. Plastic injection molding requires a lot of energy as a production technique. In the last 6 years, we have made considerable investments to make our production processes as energy-efficient as possible. Today all our energy is generated from our own solar panels and from our own Belgian Biomass plant – which is unique in Europe.

Largest biomass power plant in Belgium

All energy will be supplied by Belgium’s largest biomass power plant and the company’s own solar panels. This makes us unique and superior in Europe. In addition, we are investing in energy-efficient machines and state of art cooling exchangers.

Can recycling make a difference?

In addition to using green electricity, our ecological footprint is also restricted by our strong focus on recycling. We use a maximum of recycled plastic as our basic ingredient. We have our own facilities for grinding existing plastics into pellets, granulates, flakes, etc. with which we can cast new products.

Want to know more?
Download our paper on 100% CO2 Neutral here

Download our paper on 100% CO2