Discover the best nestable crates for the right application at the right time.

We are your go-to expert with more than 30 years of experience for durable, reusable and sustainable crates. 
Built to decrease your transport & storage costs.

  • +30 years experience
  • Up to 50% stackable
  • Smart-system

How we can solve your problems

Space Saving

Enabling maximum storage and transport capacity thanks to our smart-stackable system.


Crates remain 100% functional, without requiring excessive maintenance.


Maximum efficiency of the usage of the crates due to our smart 2-color system.

Optimal tracking

Optimal tracking system. Track ‘n trace thanks to RFID code and IML label, first of its kind.

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About the company

Creating new transport & storage opportunities since the 1960’s

Didak Injection has been focusing on the production technique of plastic injection moulding since the 1960s. With over 40 machines we are an absolute pioneer and market leader in our field. We can therefore scale up to 1600 tons of clamping force for your products.

All of our crates are recyclable and our entire production runs on 100% green energy coming from our own biomass plant and solar panels.

Our versatile and strongly automated machine park

Our 100% CO2 Neutral approach

Renewable energy is central to our sustainability strategy. Plastic injection moulding requires a lot of energy as a production technique. In the last 6 years, we have made considerable investments to make our production processes as energy-efficient as possible.

Today all our energy is generated from our own solar panels and from our own Belgian Biomass plant – which is unique in Europe.

Want to know more? Download our free paper on 100% CO2 Neutral.

Download our paper on 100% CO2

Our standard solutions and crates

We developed our own range of reusable plastic crates and cases. These high-quality crates are used in large quantities for the transport and storage of fruit, bread, fish, meat, vegetables, etc.

Meat & Poultry

  • Reduced volume.
  • Strong & practical.
  • Easy to clean.

Baked goods

  • Reduced volume.
  • Strong & practical.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Reduced volume.
  • Strong & practical.
  • Easy to clean.

Multi crates

  • Reduced volume.
  • Strong & practical.
  • Easy to clean.

BIN Crates

  • Reduced volume.
  • Strong & practical.
  • Easy to clean.


Take a look at our custom moulding service. Count on our expertise from the design phase to producing the end product. Our versatile and strongly automated machinery allows injection moulding of very small objects up to larger plastic components.

Reasons why companies use our crates

Reusable and stackable cases and crates.

  • Maximum hygiene and optimal clean-ability.
  • Specific solutions for meat, bread and fish.
  • Strong, stackable and nestable crates.
  • Available with open or perforated bottom.
  • Maximum internal volume.
  • Perfect traceability.

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Choose one of our existing solutions or request your custom-made design.

(Minimum order: 500 crates.)

Rely on our all-in-one custom molding service and count on our expertise from the design phase to producing your end-product

  • +30 years experience
  • Up to 50% stackable
  • 100% customisable work
  • Smart-system for maximum efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Didak’ crates be stacked with the crates created by competitors?
Yes. All our crates are compatible with Euro-norm crates.
2. Is it possible to print on the crates?
Yes. Adding your company logo and/or slogan on the crates is possible.
3. Do the crates have enough ventilation/air flow?
Euro-norm crates with a closed base and ventilated walls are ideal for transporting tender fruits, vegetables and bread. In addition, they guarantee an excellent airflow that ensures the freshness of your products.
4. Are the crates wash resistant?
Yes. Washing temperature: maximum 55°C
5. Are the crates resistant to freezing temperatures?
Yes. Depending on which type of crates the temperatures can go up to -18°C / + 40°C.
6. Can adjustments be made to the standard crates?
Yes. Contact us for more information.
7. Is it possible to get the crates in different colors?
Yes. The Euro-norm crates are available in different colors. Easily to match with your corporate identity.
8. Is it possible to trace the crates?
Yes. Optimal track ‘n trace is possible thanks to the use of RFID tags.